Hunter, in a rare moment of repose

The winner notifications for Houston have come and gone, and no ribbon for me this time. Yes, I know the drill…it’s an honor to be accepted, all the quilts in the show are winners. I’ve even said those to other non-winners. It’s hard to accept when you make one quilt every two years or so. Even harder when there are a total of 6 quilts in your category. Oh well. Life goes on.

The news put me in a bit of a tailspin. Add a new cat to the mix and there has been very little quilting these last few weeks. I’m just getting a handle on it now, and I hope to have a new top done and in the frame sometime in November.

About that new cat. He showed up 3 weeks ago. We were in the kitchen discussing dinner when we heard 3 LOUD yowls at the back door. Thinking that Knuckles had gotten himself into trouble, we were surprised to see a small gray cat at the door. So small we couldn’t leave him to the foxes, coyotes and who-know-what-else lives in our back yard.

I took him in thinking we’d take him to the shelter. Sure. I called CG Humane, Animalkind, the Ulster County shelter and a few independents. None of them would have him, no room at the inn. He’s a great cat, friendly, playful(!) and noisy. Healthy except for the entourage of fleas and internal parasites. It’s obvious he has been well loved, which makes his appearance at our door a mystery. Smart little bugger, too.

So here’s to Hunter. I hope he likes being a quilter’s cat.



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